Our Mission

Our Mission

Provision of a full range of services to create high-quality packaging that helps to preserve, protect products and ensures the promotion of our Customers’ brands on the market.

Our Goal

Establishing long-term and productive partnerships with our Customers and working with them to develop optimal solutions for the production of safe packaging.

Principle of Development

Continuous introduction of the latest achievements, international practices, and innovations in the field of printing production and improvement of business processes in our Company.

Our Team

Our team is composed of experienced and like-minded people with a high level of expertise who are committed to the Company’s business and care about the safety of their products, the promptness and accuracy of fulfillment of their tasks.


Environmental friendliness is at the heart of the Company’s policy. MPC is a participant in the program supporting sustainability and uses renewable raw materials produced from rationally managed forests

We cooperate with global manufacturers whose materials are produced using proven, resource-saving technologies.

Our team is committed to the Company’s policy, doing work that yields visible and tangible results – recently, we took part in planting an alley of trees.

Social Responsibility

MPC has a vocational rehabilitation program for people with disabilities.

We have created 62 jobs for people with hearing and speech impairments. The Company’s sign language interpreters and psychologists with extensive experience work with people with hearing impairments.

We have created a stable working team of people with hearing and speech impairments who successfully cope with production tasks:

- manual gluing of printed materials with glue and adhesive tape;
- assembling and completing packaging and other manual work.

The Company has created an atmosphere of care for people with disabilities and for families and children of employees alike.

New Year’s gifts, tickets to festive events, organization of cultural and sports and recreational programs.